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Let yourself be spoiled! The purchase of an instrument should never take place without competent advice. There are so many criteria that play a role in the choice that it can never be made in haste.

Enjoy the possibility of being advised directly by a professional musician. Make an appointment, or come by spontaneously, and you will be inspired by our specialist competence


Not only do people get older, frailer and more vulnerable, the same fate affects instruments.

But unlike people, for whom medicine has limitations, we are able to assist instruments to a life of hundreds of years. That is our task, not to say our calling: to repair instruments, make them playable, to get the best possible sound from them and simply to rejuvenate them. We work on each instrument with great care and dedication. You must not forget that each instrument is unique. And we work in that way: each instrument is individually adjusted and finished.

In our workshop we repair all kinds of stringed instruments. Our greatest love is for the violin and related instruments, but you can entrust us with the repair of all kinds of instruments and we will gladly help you.


If you are not yet sure which instrument you should purchase, then our rental system enables you to try out instruments for a moderate rental fee. At the end of the contract we demand only 14 § as a service charge. We offer violins, violas, cellos and double basses in all different sizes for rent, with an individual combination of instrument, bow and case. The monthly rental price consists of 2.5% of the sale price plus VAT, so depending on the complete package at least 15§ per month. You can rent the instrument forever, or purchase it during the rental period. If the purchase is within 6 months the amount already paid in rent will be deducted. The rental instruments remain throughout their rental, or until the full purchase price is paid, the property of Musikhaus Ecseghy.